Frameless Shower Screens

Are you putting a lot of effort, thought, and money into your bathroom renovation? Then you may want to invest a little extra time on the view from throughout the bathroom. It might be a beautiful oasis within your home, but a shower door closes up the room more and makes it less visually appealing.

A lot of people these days are installing frameless shower screens instead of a full door that inhibits the view and cuts off space. The screen is less to clean, and it adds style. It opens up space while giving it added beauty.

They give the added appearance of opening up the space to make it look bigger rather than cut off and closed. The screen is held in place on the wall to block the spray of the shower. It is a minimalist type of look, thought there are many kinds of shower screens. The added light from the rest of the
bathroom can flow into the shower, or likewise through a window in the shower to the rest of the bathroom.

The shower screens Gold Coast can be custom cut and created out of different types of cuts and colors of glass. It can be fully implemented on its own without upgrading the rest of the bathroom either.

It is an inexpensive way to expand your space. If you need a new shower curtain or are on your last hinge about the shower door, it is time to think about using a frameless shower screen in their place. It is inexpensive and allows you to make upgrades that are more in keeping with times. The screen will provide long-lasting use.

Consider all of the different styles and colors you might like. It might pair well with re-painting the bathroom, or with other more minor upgrades. Or, it is a great idea to include it in a total upgrade or renovation.

Get your frameless shower screen in varied thickness and different designs. Consider colors, patterns, or even buying a frosted screen. There are many options, and it runs the gamut. It's amazing to see how many different looks a simple shower screen can take on for you.

If you are wondering how to remain toasty warm in the shower, try some new ideas. Maybe include a heater, heated flooring, or other options that will help you enjoy better views.

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